Weekly Offering

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Weekly Happenings in January 2021 

Body Movement Flow & Meditation

Tuesday @ 6:30pm ET - 7:15pm ET


This is a movement and meditation session. We’ll begin with a short meditation and move into some explorative movement. Movement can be at your own pace and within your own comfort range. There will be movement to music too.

Please email me for the Zoom meeting information.


Meditation & Check-in Circle 

Thursday @ 6:30pm ET - 7:45pm


  • ~15-20 minute meditation

  • Check-in circle: everyone has a few minutes to share. You can share anything else that's alive for you at this moment, your challenges, your triumphs, really anything.  We will practice being listeners as others share and can be witnessed by others as we share. 

Please email me for the Zoom meeting information. 

This session is free of charge. 

New Moon Workshops

New Moon Workshop: Exploring Transitions 
Wednesday, January 13th at 6:30pm ET - 7:45pm

Every day we move from one task to another or one place to another. During these moments we are in a transition. In this workshop, we will explore our daily transitions and discuss ways to cultivate relaxation and calmness in these transition moments. 

By bringing moments of relaxation to our day, we are able to calm our nervous system allowing our body to rest, to digest, and to know that it is safe. 

Please bring a journal and pen. We will spend time reflecting through writing and everyone will have time to share (if you want to share). 

  • 10-15 minute guided mediation

  • 10-minute reflective writing

  • Group sharing 

  • Breathing exercises 

  • Intention setting for your transitions 



New Moon Workshop: Exploring Family through Art

February 11th at 6:30pm ET - 7:45pm

Bring your sketchbook and some art supplies! We will begin with a guided meditation and then dive into creating art around the concept of family. Family can include anyone or anything you wish. There will be a prompt to help guide you exploring family through art.



  • 10-15 minute guided mediation & visualization

  • Art time – feel free you use any supplies you like!

  • Group sharing

This workshop is donation based.