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A Love Affair with Berkeley Flowers

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

The plants in Berkeley are insane. Each house has its own unique plant ecosystem, making our dog walks significantly better here. We walk past fruit trees, blooming flowers of all colors, many rosemary and lavender bushes, and are often treated with the aroma of jasmine. Stopping to smell the roses has become a daily practice.

It's been ten days since arriving in Berkeley. The first week was busy with Ikea trips, family visits, and settling in to our new place. My mom was here visiting for a week, and during that time she let it slip that unlike what she so strongly advocated for Shahriar and I, she had lived with her boyfriend (my dad) for a couple years before getting engaged! I laughed so hard at this. For a year she made such a fuss about Shahriar and I getting engaged prior to living together, and although that did end up happening, it thankfully wasn’t the motivating factor for our engagement. Parents are funny sometimes.

Celebrating my ame Mani's 70th birthday!

I’ve been receiving a lot of reminders around the second yoga sutra. Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha. I like the translation of yoga is the disidentification with the chattering of the mind. The other day at the end of a barre class, the teacher said something similar to this sutra. I laid on the ground trying to identify the chatters of my mind. When I was about to leave class, a woman asked about the tattoo on my arm, which happens to be this exact sutra. As I started reciting the sutra, she also began reciting it. It was a cool few moments and encouragement to keep disidentifying from my chattering mind, especially when it limits my creativity and quiets my voice.

My voice. I came to California with a couple of intentions. One of the major ones is to find my voice. To me that means speaking more, sharing my thoughts and ideas more, and building confidence in myself and what I share. There are a lot of ways to practice this intention, and for me it'll include going to different workshops, participating in sharing circles, perhaps getting into chanting or singing, and continuing to write. Open to suggestions if you have them!

Sunday hikes with Kaya

Like us, Kaya loves it here. Her world is filled with so many new smells, new people, and lots of walking outside. We’ve planned for Sunday to be our hiking day. Last Sunday we did Stonewall Trail in Berkeley, it was pretty steep but paid off in beautiful views of the city and a nice butt workout.

This weekend we have some exciting things planned. Two workshops to attend (The Alchemy of Movement and Empowered Discipline), a Rufus Du Sol concert Saturday night, and a new Sunday hike. We’ve decided to stay in Berkeley for the next six months. This house is my mom & Marz’ place and while they don’t visit often, there are a number of people who use this house as a transit stop. We have our first transit visitor now staying for two days. He’s an interesting yogi and cannabis-grower who spends his time between Humboldt, Mexico, and India. He's a big fan of Kaya, and taught us that akitas were traditionally Japanese hunting dogs that were used to hunt bears.

Shahriar has been super busy with work, and has been checking out different working spaces. He's found one in Oakland that he likes, and has developed a deep love for the electric scooters he rides to get there. Servicebot has a launch coming up and he may be going to Amsterdam for his other job soon. Thankfully he's working on east-coast time, and that leaves us plenty of time to explore in the evenings.

Will share more later. xo -Shadi

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