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Day number 6: DENVER

Hiphiphoorah! We reached our halfway mark (1660 miles left).

Shahriar immediately passed out when we got here. He championed through an eight-hour drive and our last night in Omaha. We left our Omaha airbnb a day early because a leaking AC unit had gotten our bed totally wet, and the entire building smelled like drunk college kids and mold. We learned mold makes us irritable. Thankfully(!!) there was a nice dog-friendly hotel up the road.

The drive from Omaha to Denver felt a bit suspenseful. Several people had told us the road-trip beauty begins in Colorado. Although it has felt pretty beautiful the entire time - even in moldy Omaha. Something about everything, the highs and lows, being part of the “experience” gives it all extra glimmer (cliche, but true).

We had another near-crash experience, this time on I-76. A fast car drove over a piece of tire while switching lanes, the tire whipped up and hit the right side of our car breaking the side-view mirror. Thankful that it wasn't anything more than the mirror breaking.

In Kaya news, she has been amazing! She definitely has her nervous moments which are more frequent than when we’re at home, but she’s been so well behaved around other dogs! We’ve calmly been able to walk past several dogs without Kaya throwing a kangaroo fit (she usually jumps insanely). Seems like the baby is growing up.

Our first stop in Denver was a chocolate shop. The air here smells fresh and mountainy. Our Airbnb is a carriage house in a cute little residential neighborhood. We're walking distance to many restaurants and bars, but still have a lot of trees and greenery. I'm realizing this residential/walking distance to places is my favorite type of location.

Wish us a speedy side-mirror fixing experience!

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