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Goodbye Maryland

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

And the journey west begins! For as long as I can remember (ie middle school) I wanted to live in the bay area. The California weather, the environmental mindset, the healthy foods, and the mindful communities all attracted me, and yesterday our trip west began! Here’s our intended route with our nightly stops:

We got a late start leaving Maryland...our first stop was to change our windshield wipers, my uncle Sina says there’s a good analogy here but I’m unsure of what it is. Perhaps an immediate change of perspective foreshadowing what’s to come.

After leaving Maryland, we stopped two times. One of the nice things about traveling with Kaya is that she starts a lot of conversations. Not that she speaks, but her presence invites other travels to speak with us. Shahriar went into a frenzy when he thought he had lost his wallet, and that was the reason for our second stop before arriving in Pittsburgh. Little did we know our new car has a hidden compartment that sucked in his wallet and our toll ticket (yes, this did cost us an additional $50 when exiting the toll road). Praise to the Car-Gods that may or may not exist, we ended up finding this hidden compartment when Shahriar watched my phone disappear into it.

Arrived in Pittsburg! A surprisingly beautiful industrial city that seems to have a lot of new hip small restaurants and shops. We went to this cool Korean spot that our friend Kouros treated us too. He recommended we check out Mount Washington, so this morning we did a little pitstop to check out the view before hitting the road to Chicago.

Mount Washington overlook

We started using our visa gift cards from our engagement party to pay for our gas! I’m thinking we might actually be able to make to California just through the gift cards :)

Kaya seems happy. She loves her spot in the car, and spends her time between sitting up so she can see us and lying down. Pittsburg was a bit too industrial for her taste, she’s not a fan of loud noises and big trucks so the first night she was a bit unhappy with her tail hanging down between her legs. However, we’re now on our way to Chicago and she’s again her happy curled-tail self!

Yesterday I posted on instagram a list of our stops asking for recommendations. It was really amazing how many suggestions we got and we’re excited how spontaneously this trip is coming together. We had both been so busy planning for the engagement party and our move, that other than where we are staying at night, this road trip was largely unplanned. Happy it’s all coming together now. Until next time xo -Shadi

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