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Helloooooo Berkeley!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Outside of our place in Berkeley

3,372 miles complete! Last night we arrived to our temporary home in Berkeley (thanks Mom & Marz!).

We celebrated as we entered the state. California is the first state that had us enter through a checkpoint. It was interesting because earlier that day Shahriar and I were joking around about California becoming its own country. We entered the state in dry and hot Riverside county. On the highway we saw a sign warning cars not to drive onto the grass siding the highway for it could start a fire!

We arrived in Los Angeles Saturday night. Our time in the city was busy with hanging out with our close friends and visiting different places with them. We spent a lot of time eating and drinking, and found LA to be pretty expensive, averaging around $17 per drink.

Early Sunday morning (8am kickoff) we met at a bar to watch the Women's World Cup game, and I was happily surprised that the bar was packed. I found myself feeling a bit interesting and uncomfortable chanting “USA” throughout the game. I don’t particularly feel very proud to be an American with all the horrid destruction and murder happening at the hands of the government. But I found solace in the thought of celebrating the positive parts of the nation - the amazing women's soccer team and the activism that is being done through them.

On Venice Beach with our friends

We also visited Venice Beach which felt super stimulating. Actually, a lot in LA felt super stimulating. And despite doing and seeing so much, I found the place lacking in inspiration for my writing. A lively busy buzzing-ness permeated the city. The serenity so evident in Sedona was absent.

Kaya wasn’t a fan of LA either. She was excited to jump into the back of the car and hit the road. Our drive from LA to Berkeley was five-and-a-half hours. The 18-wheelers are significantly less aggressive in this state. The cars on the other hand are speedy, and we experiences our third almost accident. We were in the left lane and two cars were zooming towards us from behind. Seeing these cars coming at such high speed, Shahriar tried to switch lanes. Our car was in-between lanes as these two cars zoomed passed us, one on our left and the other on our right, somehow the three of us sharing two lanes. It felt like we were in The Fast and the Furious movie for a moment.

I’m happy to be in Berkeley. Los Angeles was a nice reminder for me to slow down. Our time there felt busy, similar to our busy life in Maryland. And while I love home and our beautiful community, I’m really looking forward to having less to do here. I’m looking forward to spaciousness and the creativity and growth that can awaken through that spaciousness.

In the next couple of weeks we'll be looking at different neighborhoods and apartments. Time to settle into our new home!

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