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I-80 is Scary and Omaha is Hot

Distance traveled

Driven: 18 hours (1160 miles)

Left to go: 33 hours (2200 miles)

It is HOT in Omaha. So instead of sightseeing, we’re catching up on our work (school work for me and work work for Shahriar). We arrived in Omaha last night and spent an hour at the Airbnb with Kaya to make sure she’s comfortable before heading out for the evening. I was pleasantly surprised when the nearest highly rated Yelp spot was a vegan restaurant two blocks away (apparently there’s more than just steak in Omaha!).

Shahriar eating vegan buffalo wings

Earlier this week an old friend, Maggie, responded to my instagram and invited us to join her at a concert in Omaha. Last night after our vegan dinner we met up with Maggie and got down with some ska music. The music was fun and the people were interesting. A few times I scanned the crowd and there were no phones out! Shocking. I do not remember the last time I went to a concert where innumerable people weren’t recording or taking pictures. I couldn’t tell if it was because the crowd was a bit older or because we’re in Nebraska. Whatever it was, I liked it.

Okay let’s rewind a bit to our drive to Omaha. Let me tell you, I-80 is scary and I’m so grateful Shahriar is doing almost all of the driving! When we were two hours away from Omaha, I offered to drive and got behind the wheel. Twenty minutes later we barely missed a multi-car accident that happened two cars behind us. Eeeeeeek! Shahriar let me drive for another thirty minutes until we both realized that we’re more comfortable in the other seat. He’s a cute but not friendly back-seat driver and I was crindging every time I drove past an 18-wheeler. I’m hoping we’ll eventually hit some nice quiet roads with no other cars in sight, maybe then I’ll get behind the wheel again.

We’re still listening to that marriage audiobook. One of the interesting exercise questions was around what makes us feel most competent. Shahriar was able to answer easily - he feels most competent while reading, listening to audiobooks, and when he’s able to actively listen and understand people. For some reason I found this question challenging, but I’ll let you know when I find my answer.

I'm ready to leave Omaha. Catch you in Denver! Love - Shadi

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