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In and Out of Chicago

The drive from Pittsburg to Chicago was our first long leg, but thankfully still less than 8 hours! Traveling with Kaya has made us be more mindful with our pitstops. For lunch we stopped at Oak Openings Preserve Metropark, a sweet little park with lots of walking trails, riding trails, and disc golf. We ate lunch that we had purchased earlier from Whole Foods.

Kaya at our Whole Foods Pitstop

In the car, Kaya spends her time between looking out the window and sleeping. Her tail is more often curled - yippeeee! Shahriar suggested we listen to a book together during our ride. We decided upon a book called “The Seven Principles to Make Marriage Work” by John Gottman. I had been following the Gottman Institute on Instagram for a while now, and the book seemed fitting for our new transitions. We listened to a bit of the first chapter and then skipped to the third which was the first principle - creating a love map. The principle explained the importance of knowing the details of your partners day-to-day life, their excitements, stresses, dreams, and the significant people in their life. While we only listened to 30 minutes of the book, we’ll likely continue listening throughout our drive and doing their suggested activities. I also learned that Shahriar's three favorite movies are Back to the Future, Iron Man, and an older version of Batman. He also dreams of being a writer in the future (post-retirement) - he says he'll write a celebrity post at the end of our trip for the blog - fingers crossed he'll do it!

We arrived in Chicago late Wednesday night. We decided to stay with Kaya at the Airbnb and ordered in some delicious Ethiopian food. The next morning the three of us got ready for a long day of walking and site-seeing. We went to Millennium Park and visited the shiny silver Bean. Thankfully we got to walk around and take a lot of pictures before getting kicked out by security for having a dog.

For dinner, we decided to go to a Cuban restaurant near our Airbnb in Logan Square. Once our waiter found out we’re heading to California, he quickly told us his stories of traveling there to help harvest bud. He continued telling us about Chicago’s new bill legalizing recreational marijuana and how it’s likely to create tens of millions of dollars for the city. He made sure to note that this bill will also be expunging many criminal records (about 800,000 according to NPR).

Friday morning (this morning) we got ready for our next leg to Omaha. It's about a seven hour drive and we have five hours left. Not sure where out pitstop will be, but we'll keep you posted! Love -Shadi

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