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Off Leash In Galisteo

We arrived to Galisteo last night. It’s a small census-designated place (CDP) in Sante Fe County, New Mexico. I learned a CDP is a small concentrated population of people or a community that has not been incorporated, unlike towns, cities, and villages that have some sort of self-governing. We’re staying in an airbnb in the middle of nature. The homes have miles between them and we have yet to see a person.

Our airbnb host is a healer/chiropractor. While we have not seen him yet, his guest house is filled with various spiritual sayings and statues. Just looking around from where I’m sitting, I can see a Buddha statue, a Virgen De Guadalupe candle, a painting of the three wise men, and a Krishna statue. The vibes here definitely make me want to sit down and meditate. Perhaps today will be the day to restart my meditation practice.

Needless to say, Kaya loves it here. We let her roam around off leash and she loves running up and down the gravel path. Smelling and peeing as she marks her favorite places. As I was walking with her this morning I started thinking about how much she must be enjoying being off-leash. It led me to wonder if this environment also encourages me to be “off-leash,” and what that even means. What is my off-leash and what is my leash? Some reflection questions for our time here. I’m curious what Shahriar thinks, and I’ll ask him after he’s done with his work stuff.

Shahriar's work space in Galisteo

Shahriar has been really great at balancing his work during our trip. He wakes up early, gets on several calls, and continues chatting with people throughout the day. He’s kinda a super-human when it comes to work. His work seems to be ever-changing and he has a lot of growing projects. I’m often not sure which one of his projects he’s working on, but he seems to be juggling three main ones right now: Servicebot, Growthranker, and RapDev. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of writing a blog post on his work and his ideas/vision for growing in SF.

The drive to Galisteo from Denver was easy. It was a little less than six hours and thus one of our shorter drives. We stopped at the Garden of the Gods, which was gorgeous but also packed with people. We had a second stop at this health food store in the city of Las Vegas, NM. The place seemed like it belonged in Stranger Things. It was a ghost town, and other than the health food store most of the shops were shackled up and closed.

After taking Kaya on a long hike today, we plan on leaving her to rest while we go explore Sante Fe. Tomorrow we head to Sedona!

Pitstop at Garden of the Gods

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